The Classic

DadGear's Classic is a diaper bag that will far outlast the diapering years - built with high quality, extremely durable materials, double stitched, and manufactured in the USA. The Classic's subtle, classic look will never go out of style either. This is DadGear's largest messenger-style diaper bag and will surely be the go-to diaper bag for either parent.

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  –  Great Dad bag

Our son-in-law loves the bag, and with a new baby due in September, he will use it a lot plus he plans to use it as a "man bag" after the baby grows up.   –   Nancy Carr - 06/19/2015

  –  Great stylish dad baby gear bag!!

I gave the Classic Messenger in black to both of my sons for a first time dad gift. Even the women at the baby shower thought they were designed great, One son has been using his and loves it. The other son is waiting to use his in July when the baby arrives :-) My sons were very impressed as how stylish the bag is. Everything was thought of when styling this Dadgear bag!!   –   Pamela Lynn - 06/18/2015

  –  Classic black

A really solid and durable bag with plent y of space.   –   Clarence - 06/03/2015

  –  Great product and amazing employees

I am more than satisfied with my purchase. It is a large bag and we use it more than my wife's because it can hold so much and still stay closed. When you're transporting formula, 3 sets of clothes, burp cloths, diapers, bottles, etc. you are surprised that all of it can fit into the bag and still stay organized. I am glad I went with the larger Classic bag and completely recommend it. Oh yeah, all of the employees are very accommodating and helpful!   –   Will - 06/01/2015

  –  Great bag

This is my second bag, first one was a Columbia brand and it frayed lots within about 7-8 months. So far this Dadgear Classic is bigger, easier to organize, and generally more user friendly. Overall 10/10. The wipes holder is just an elastic strap, it doesn't have a bottom but while other reviews said packs fell out of place, mine hasn't yet. Pricey but so far seems like a good investment.   –   Bill - 04/03/2015

  –  Pretty Content

I am more than satisfied with my purchase of The Classic, especially because it is not too feminine. The strap is large enough to throw over my shoulder and there are enough pockets inside to easily locate bottles, wipes, ointments and powders, diapers and burp cloths when time is of the essence. This is a huge advantage compared to the diaper bag my wife bought from The Pottery Barn. As far as drawbacks, I did not buy the wipes container available on the website since it was an added cost. I thought the wipes I could buy at the store would be a suitable alternative, but after a use or two the lid fell off and I was wrong.   –   Joe - 03/05/2015

  –  Great bags for baby shower gifts!

I have to admit that I have never had a dadbag but I found out about them from my best friend who got one for her husband when they had their second kid and I loved it after checking it out! I now give them to multiple friends for baby shower gifts and fill them with all the stuff they are going to need but don't know about yet, like laundry detergent and gripe water, etc. They get to choose the bag they want and everyone I have gotten one for has loved it! Can't recommend these bags enough.  –   Andrea Brown - 02/25/2015

  –  Exactly what I was looking for

I searched far and wide for a diaper bag suited for men, and I finally found it at DadGear. My wife is actually kind of jealous of my bag because of some of the features that hers doesn't have!  –   Nathan - 10/24/2014

  –  Functionality and Practicality

Love it! My wife told me that the bag was really ugly and she didn't understand why I needed my own diaper bag. Me, I knew I needed it since I found out it existed. These days she loves the bag and hates her own. It is just so well designed and the functionality is great for us dads who value efficiency above all else! Thanks!  –   Gary Gomez - 10/06/2014

  –  Really nice diaper bag

I like the versatility and style of this diaper bag. I'm a guy that is always on the go and like to have things accessible to me whenever I am with the baby, that's why the side bags for bottles was the best idea you guys could come with. The only thing you need to work on is a bigger wipe dispenser. The one you include in your product is nice and slim, but it dries wipes too fast. Need to have a wipe dispenser where you can fit wipes and pouch so you don't have to deal with dry wipes anymore.   –   M. Sandoval - 09/20/2014

  –  Great Bag

Great bag. It shocks everyone when I pull a diaper out of what they think is my laptop bag.  –   Steve - 01/06/2014

  –  Best Dad Bag Out There

My husband and I searched for a "dad diaper bag" for a while and there was never anything out there that was suitable for my husband to use. We came across a Dad Gear bag and my husband knew it was for him. It's durable, love all the insides and outside compartments, and best of all it looks like a laptop bag. We are on our second bag and love it!!!  –   Yobana & Noel Concha - 04/01/2013

  –  Awesome Bag!

My husband prefers well-made products so when I saw this bag I knew it would be the perfect bag for him. It has beautiful double stitching on the bag and the colors to choose from were nice earth-tones. I knew any color would work but I went with Steel. He loves it and was excited to have his own bag. This bag is well-made and is worth the price!  –   Brenda - 12/15/2011

  –  Excellent

This was given as a gift for an expectant daughter and son-in-law, so it hasn't been called into use as of yet. The initial perusal of the product seemed to be excellent. The only thing that would be an improvement would be some insulated bottle/can holders. It is a large bag with inside pockets and a changing pad. The access of the wipes from the front looks to be handy.   –   Chloe - 06/14/2011

  –  Good buy

I thought it was pretty expensive...but it was worth it. Well made, tough. My husband thinks it looks great (I wanted him to have his own so I could have a stylish, girly one). He feels like Jack Bauer from 24! LOVE the easy access diaper wipes feature. It's very roomy. I don't regret the expense at all.   –   Kallie - 04/30/2011