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Carrying a diaper bag sometimes just isn't natural for a guy. Enter DadGear's Diaper Vest, as seen on Rachel Ray, in People magazine, and more. The Diaper Vest is cool, comfy, and secretly carries the same babycare essentials that a diaper bag does. What could be more ideal for the dad on diaper duty?

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  –  Must have for new dads!

Works as expected. Very useful.   –   Daddy gear rocks! - 05/22/2015

  –  Great gift for new dads

I bought 3 of these for co-workers with newborns. All of them loved it. The diaper vest makes a great gift for any new dad.  –   David Hauser - 05/21/2015

  –  Gift for Dad of First Boy!

A co-worker told me about DadGear. I had a baby gift to buy for a my neice and nephew. The Dad had two girls and found out they were having a boy. I wanted to find something just for the Dad. I DID! The vest arrived quickly and it is the perfect gift for a man.   –   Tobey M. - 05/01/2015

  –  Vest was a Hit at the Shower!

The DadGear Diaper Vest was a total hit at my friend's baby shower. I brought the dad-to-be in the room and had him open his very own present in front of everyone. I had the vest stashed with all the essentials of diaper changing plus a bottle. He thought it was funny and the mom-to-be thought it was great because her husband wasn't happy about carrying around a diaper bag. My husband has the vest (was given as a gift at our shower). He wears it for everyday use - the different pockets are great for many things including a couple hard cider bottles!  –   Kristin HM - 03/06/2015

  –  Ingenious Product!

Perfect for going out without weighing oneself down with unwieldy bags and equipment. Baby and I can spend more time together in a richer variety of environments because of the portability of all of our needs enabled by the DadGear vest. With my ready-to-go DadGear vest, I am an active parent - not an equipment manager. A+ product in quality and in design.   –   S R - 02/21/2015

  –  My son, the new dad, loves it!!!

It was the biggest hit at the coed baby shower!!! Clever idea!!  –   Barbara Coy - 02/20/2015

  –  Made in USA

Thank you for having your products made in USA!! I was looking for something that our son-n-law could appreciate. The diaper bag and vest were a perfect match.   –   Genevieve Rudy - 10/07/2014

  –  Ultimate, essential Dad gear.

Dads need all the hands they can get. This vest keeps all essentials for baby within reach with out being cumbersome. It lets Dad have hands free for the important things such as hugging and carrying little one. And because it all resides in a wearable vest, much less chance of leaving or forgetting at the playground, on the subway, in the car... Perfect accessory for the cool, fun, on the move Daddy.  –   Tamara Dokurno - 08/09/2014

  –  Dad can't wait to try it.

I got this as a dad's gift to his son for a first grandchild. The first choice, a diaper bag, seemed too normal. I wanted something that was "gear." The baby is still a newborn but the vest was a hit. The only suggestion I have for DadGear is that you could ship these with the pockets full of the items they are meant to hold, or, better yet, an image printed on card stock of what each pocket is designed to hold. That would add a little fun to the gift opening by the new dad.   –   Jack Wittman - 05/27/2014

  –  A Hugh Hit!!

We decided to have a "Celebration" instead of "Shower" for my daughter. I bought the Diaper Vest for my son-in-law. I filled it with everything he would need ie. bottles, diapers, wipes, powder, band-aids, lysol disinfectant spray etc. I even put a little pair of sneakers and a little outfit that said "Coaches Kid" in there. I didn't wrap the Vest, I just put it on him, he was pulling stuff out from everywhere. THE VEST WAS A HUGH HIT!! everyone was asking where I got it. This Vest is definitely something Daddy will use and I know he will get my monies worth out of it.  –   Billie - 05/08/2014

  –  Awesome diaper vest

I was at 3 baby showers this week, and no one had ever seen this DiaperVest. It's unique, and practical. My one disappointment is that there are no waterproof pockets.. For wet clothes or condensation on bottles. Otherwise, great product  –   Fay Algeo - 02/25/2014

  –  Awesome!!!

This product is awesome! I have been a stay at home dad for 4 years. Although we have a small backpack as a diaper bag I disliked carrying it. Since the first time I saw this I wanted one. I finally received it for Christmas. I can easily carry 6 diapers (3 of each size for each child, wipes, and whatever else we need in this vest. I show it to people whenever I get an opportunity. 99% of people can't even tell I am carrying all those things! I have recommended this to tons of people. I know of at least 2 people that have purchased it and love it also. Great product, very high quality. I am actually interested in becoming a distributor in my area. There is a major need for these with all the stay at home dads out there.   –   Michael - 01/29/2014

  –  Vest

I had one of these vest for 5 years and when the zipper finally gave out I needed to replace the vest. Even thou I don't have any more small children it is very useful at work I am a paramedic and the pocket come in very handy. Many of my co worker have asked about it and your company has got nothing but great reviews. working in the vest it goes thru a lot of abuse and cleaning and always holds up great. Thanks for such a great product.   –   Daniel S - 01/17/2014

  –  Great Dad Vest!

We purchased the Diaper Vest for two of our employees. They loved them! These dads are hands on! They will impress others with their preparedness when out and about with their babies!   –   Claudia Engelbracht - 12/02/2013

  –  Big for small guys

Good vest. Too big for short/small people. Smallest size is medium.  –   Tom J - 11/04/2013

  –  best gift for new dad

I ordered the DadGear diaper vest for my husband's birthday and it is awesome!! It's made with high quality materials and fits great. He really wants to go do things with our new baby and now he doesn't have to carry around my diaper bag. All of his friends want one now too. This is a great product!  –   Megan Michelson - 10/19/2013

  –  The PERFECT gift for dad

My son LOVES his vest! He finds it so easy to change a diaper and basically take his kids anywhere, hands free to hold them. I also bought another vest for my stepson who will be a daddy in November! While everyone else bought cutsie baby stuff, I brought a present for the DAD!!! They loved it and it fit perfectly! Thank you do much for creating items for the dad! The VEST is genius!!!  –   Iris - 10/02/2013

  –  Vest was a hit!

I just want to let you know how pleased we were with the diaper vest. The quality was outstanding and the orange color was perfect. The recipient absolutely loved it and it was the hit of the baby shower. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again!  –   Diane B - 09/26/2013

  –  Great idea, my husband cant wait to wear it!

I gave this to my husband for a Father's Day gift. While our little girl isn't due for a couple more months, and he hasn't actually worn/used it yet. He's excited to still have his man card and not look like he's carrying a purse when he goes out with our daughter.  –   Melissa - 07/18/2013

  –  Excellent product

Excellent product, grandson loves the vest. Daughter has 2 year old, wishes she had one! We are spreading the word.  –   Bernadette - 01/10/2012

  –  Loves his vest and backpack

My son loves his DadGear vest and backpack! It was the perfect birthday gift for him. He particularly likes the vest, as it allows quick, out-the-door trips with the new baby and the 2-year-old. He said his friends were very impressed when he whipped out supplies as needed, including wet wipes, waters, gloves and even a flashlight. I've told everyone I know about your website and your wonderful items.  –   Debbie L. - 11/30/2011

  –  son loves the vest

THANK YOU so much! My son LOVES the vest! Thank you for creating something great for dads. Back in my day, everything was only for the mother.  –   Iris - 09/02/2011

  –  made him feel included

No one else at their baby shower thought of getting the new daddy a gift. He wears his vest all the time and it was the highlight of his day--it finally made him feel included in the excitement of expecting their first baby.   –   Angela H. - 04/17/2011

  –  loved the vest!

I got your info from a friend to buy for my son-in-law. He loved the vest!  –   Donna L. - 01/20/2011

  –  impressed

I am planning to give the vest I purchased to my husband when we have the baby--I am so impressed with it! Very clever idea  –   Theresa C. - 10/05/2010

  –  James Bond of fathers

The vest is great and makes me feel like the James Bond of fathers when it comes to diaper changes.   –   Tim M. - 05/06/2010

  –  Cool Diaper Vest

Our newborn son would like to thank you. He's so enthusiastic that his dad has such a cool diaper vest! Even his family and friends like daddy's gadget! Thanks to all of you!  –   Bert V. - 02/23/2010

  –  he loves it

I purchased the fleece for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. He actually shows it off to his friends - those with and without children.  –   Alison G. - 01/28/2010

  –  Good fit and quality

I loved the vest. It was a gift for a co-worker. I was impressed with the good fit and quality. I recommend your products to others.  –   Holly - 10/15/2009

  –  Good design, good quality

I bought a diaper jacket for an alternate purpose - to wear on plane rides, keep all my electronic gadgets handy and not accidentally leave them on a plane. The diaper pockets are the perfect size for a Kindle 2, including its case. The two zippered pockets work well for an iPod and a cell phone. The side pockets are handy for bottles of water or a map. I can even use the back pocket to carry a magazine or such, instead of a changing pad. This jacket is everything advertised, so I'm a satisfied customer. Good design, good quality.  –   M. Leung - 07/17/2009